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An investment is the act of putting money, effort, time, into something to make a profit or get an advantage, for example investing in a house, or investing in your education or buying shares.  The goal of investment is to generate income or benefit through appreciation.  In an economic term investment is acquisition of goods that will appreciate in value ie used in the future to create gain.  In financial terms, investment is a monetary purchase that will provide income in the future.

Buying for Profit

Investment involves buying something and making profit. Investment in Picasso painting would have made one lots of money.

Investing in an Idea

Investment is the act of putting money or effort into something to make a profit or achieve a result, eg converting great idea into profitable business.

Looking for Opportunity

Investment is the action or process of investing money for profit this could be looking for opportunity and investing in right assets.


Main objective of investment is to make money. We invest to improve our current financial situation. Investment can be physical or mental. One can invest in an asset (goods) that may appropriate or one can invest in mental reward, such as education or business idea.

Investment is You

Investment is all about making money for future happiness. How can investment be anything else, investment is all about you being happy. Investment is not about money it's about attaining the highest level of happiness.

Investment is great idea or great domain


Buying a Domain

Investing in domain is not new, investing in great domain can be very profitable.

Investing in Stock

Lots of people invest in stock. Buying stock and investing could be very profitable.


Investing in collectable can be  fun and profitable. Buying a collectable car or a painting could be very profitable.

Money is investment
Investing in Business

Investing time and money into business idea can be very profitable.


Investing in education can give you job satisfaction and can be very profitable.


Investment in your own health and body can be very profitable. The well-being of your mind is greatest investment.


Other Investment Ideas

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Stock and Bonds Investment

Stock and Bonds

Investment in Business


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